Co-founders : J. Bibette, J. Baudry, W. Sire, T. Bibette, N. Bremond, Paris 2022.
Revobiom enables the Food, Energy and Health industries to develop complex and stable bacterial consortia on an industrial scale thanks to a high-frequency Microbial Evolution Machine based on LCMD millifluidic technologies.

Co-founders : J. Bibette, J. Baudry, K. Eyer, N. Bremond, Paris 2021.
Saber Bio is developing ultra-high throughput, single cell instruments using droplet microfluidics including data analytics to recover target-specific antibodies and T cells.

Co-founders : A. Griffiths, P. Tabeling, A. de Reyniès, J. Cros, Y. Rondelez, H. Geisler and G. Blivet-Bailly, Paris 2020. En couplant les caractéristiques fonctionnelles de chaque cellule obtenue par imagerie avec le séquençage de son matériel génétique, la solution développée par Minos Bioscicences ouvre des opportunités uniques pour une meilleure compréhension du fonctionnement de tissus et organismes sains ou malades.

Co-founders : J. Bibette, A. Drevelle, E. Duliège, J. Baudry, N. Bremond, Paris 2018. Kapsera bridges the gap between sustainability and productivity in agriculture, using cutting-edge, biosourced and biodegradable formulation technologies.

Co-founders : J. Bibette, A. Griffiths, N. Bremond. Paris 2017.
Cyprio offers a new 3D cell culture tool to create liver and pancreas micro-tissues for pharmaceutical and therapeutic applications as well as for basic research.

Co-founders : J. Bibette, N. Bremond, P. Nérin, J. Baudry. Paris, 2017. By combining materials science and microfluidic technology, iSpheres creates new functional microparticles for biotechnology applications.

Co-founders: J. Bibette, D. Démoulin, J. Walters, D. Weitz. Paris, 2015.
Calyxia combines innovative scalable fluidic platforms developed within Harvard and the ESPCI with complex material chemistries to produce high technology capsules for the chemical industry.

Co-founders : J. Bibette, L. Boitard, P. Nérin, N. Bremond, J. Baudry. Paris, 2015.
MilliDrop Instruments develops cell culture automatons for bacteriological research and diagnostics. These instruments are based on millifluidic drop technology developed at the LCMD.

Co-founders : A. Griffiths, J. Bibette, et al. Paris, 2014.
Biomillenia creates routes to faster and more effectively develop new enzyme variants and production strains for the chemical, agro, feedstock, food and healthcare industries.

Co-founders : A. Griffiths, D. Weitz, B. Bernstein, J. Bibette, R. Nicol. Paris, 2013.
HiFiBiO SAS provides high throughput solutions based on proprietary single cell technologies for informed and efficient discovery and development of next-generation biomarkers, diagnostics and drugs.

Co-founders : J. Bibette, D. Weitz, S. Bardon, 
Paris et Marseille.
Capsum offers innovations to cosmetics players both from the point of view of materials and active ingredients. The microfluidic technologies developed at LCMD and Harvard are the basis of the innovations marketed by Capsum.

Co-founders :J.Bibette, DA Weitz, A. Griffiths, D. Link, J. Rothberg, Lexington, MA USA, 2004. This company is developing a very high throughput sampling technology, based on encapsulation in microfluidic microdroplets.

Co-founders : J. Bibette, B.Mandrand; Pessac France, 2000. This company manufactures magnetic colloids for biotechnologies, diagnostics and bioanalysis and develops new biotechnologies.


Practical information

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